I am sure that the majority of you have remembered the process of signing in, signing out, and then signing back for the purpose of sending chat notifications to your chat list on MSN messenger just for the purpose of gaining the attention of your loved ones. We have been remembering those times as those were the simplest days of our lives. This MSN messenger service reached its peak in the year 2009 with more than 330 million users active on the platform and the majority of them were from the USA. This service was halted in 2013. The nearest competition of this messenger was Yahoo! Messenger which is also a popular one but is also not present anymore. 

The main distinction amongst that time and current is that technology is more advanced and cheap now as compared to the past. In the past, even simple cell phones were highly expensive but now smartphones are easily accessible to all due to low prices and more than 2.7 billion people are holding smartphones in their hands and this is the reason of the evolution of various instant messaging apps which was before confined to desktop messenger only in past. People living abroad for work and study can now easily remain in touch with their loved ones which was not easy in past. This is the key reason behind the popularity of instant messaging. This is highly easier to utilize free service to video call, call, and text to other people which are making these apps incredibly popular. We are going to discuss 10 highly Famous Instant Messaging App as shared by Insider Monkey. 

Our list starts with the top instant messaging app, Skype. This was the first globally accessible and popular free video calling and messaging service that was started by Microsoft and around 300 million people are using this service on monthly basis. However, this particular hype working behind Skype is reduced now as there are other options available for a video call as well including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Zoom. The next popular instant messaging app is Telegram which has been used by people for replacing WhatsApp and the number of active users of Telegram is 400 million and this number will increase in near future. 

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10 highly Famous Instant Messaging App