10 Jobs that May Exist in the Future


Pretty much everyone thinks about the future, no I am not talking about, what we will do with our life, kind of future, rather how the human society will evolve in the future. What will be the new things to do, how people will interact, even how jobs will change along with the new technologies? Come to think of it, everything had been done manually before the industrial revolution. And now most of the manual labor that goes into production have been taken over by machines. Changes like this will definitely affect our way of life. I do not have to go back to the industrial revolution to prove my point, just think about the online stores, due to their advent many jobs have been terminated, and replaced by new ones. Do you wonder how technology will give rise to new jobs that do not exist today, but likely will in the near future? It is a fascinating prospect to think about.

At insider monkey’s blog page we have put together a list of 10 Jobs that May Exist in the Future, if you are someone who from time to time likes to indulge in the possibilities of future, I highly recommend that you read the article. It features 10 most likely jobs that may exist in the future. The article is a must read for a science fiction fan. In order to access the full article, just click on the provided link.