10 Largest Diamonds Ever Discovered


Diamonds are the most awe inspiring gem stone in the world. In addition to its beautiful appearance, diamonds are the most sturdy matter known to man, because of its unique molecular structure. Diamonds are also pretty expensive, because of its rarity. Diamond takes millions of years to form naturally. It is a meta stable allotrope of carbon, in mineralogical terms, in diamond carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of face-centered cubic crystal structure, which is called a diamond lattice. The name “DIamond” originates from the Greek word “adámas” which literally means “unbreakable,” or “unalterable”. The name behind this gemstone was clearly inspired by its strength rather than its beauty. The use of diamonds as an ornament or decoration piece can be traced back to ancient India. The diamond is perhaps the only gemstone that sees considerable industrial use for its strength, it is used mainly on cutting tools as the tip. And how desirable the diamond is as a jewelry that needs no clarification. One very important thing when it comes to its use as a gemstone, is the quality and of its cut. The pattern and type of its cut and its size usually determine its value as a gemstone.

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