10 Largest Generic Drug Companies


Today we are going to present you with the compilation of the largest generic drug companies based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. This year has been a really successful one for all those largest pharma and generic drugs companies. As the whole world was stricken by the pandemic, people tried to buy all the necessary things they thought would help. Pharma industry is among the few ones that didn’t have to face and cope with lockdown, and slow down. Although the generic medicines market is not so profitable as the pharma field, but it has a decent piece of pie from the market, as well. Actually, the total value of the generic drugs market in the total pharma sales is about 9%-11%.

And now without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey has brought up with for today. We have sorted out three companies from the entire list, as usual. At first, on the ninth spot, here’s Stada, having a revenue of $2,922 million, 10,416 employees, $0.432 billion of market cap, and $1,530.25 million of TTM. Stada is headquartered in Germany and operates in the production of generic and over-the-counter drugs. Stada has recently signed a contract with cannabis company MediPharm Labs under which it will distribute  medical cannabis products in Germany, and also provide manufacturing, logistics, and regulatory support. The next company is Mallinckrodt on the seventh spot having a revenue of $3,162.50 million, 3,400 employees, $15.313 million of market cap, and $3,192.50 million of TTM. It’s an American-Irish company that manufactures generic drugs, pharmaceuticals and imaging agents. After Stada and Mallinckrodt, Fresenius comes on the compilation having a revenue of $8,380 million, 39,627 employees. Fresenius is also a German firm, and it’s well-known in the field of life sciences and pharma. Fresenius is about to grow its generic drugs portfolio business segment through. It has two major acquisitions in plans, one being Akorn, which is developer and manufacturer of generic drugs, and secondly the biosimilars segment of Merck KGaA. For more interesting information, please click the largest generic drug companies.