If you live in the United States, then health insurance is a very important thing to have. In many developed countries, medical expenses are free for the citizens. However, in the United States medical expenses are not subsidized by the government, and the patients must pay fro themselves. The thing is, medical expenses can get really high in the United States, as it is one of the most thriving businesses in the country. Of course, there is the human aspect of it as well, but at the core of every healthcare organization, there is a mentality of profit generation, which is perfectly fine since it is a business. Even the non profit organizations must run at break even to keep operating as a business concern. However, there are charitable organizations out there as well, but we are not going to talk about them in this article. Anyway, if you are thinking about signing up for a new health insurance, then this article will definitely help you make a good decision. In today’s article our researchers have come up with the names of largest insurance companies by membership. Now, in a democratic country, the majority has really a massive impact on things.

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