10 Largest Hotel Chains In The US


One of the proven recession proof industries has to be the hospitality industry, no matter where the world economy stands, it hardly seems to affect the richest. This is where the largest and most expensive hotel chains come into the picture. The rich will always seek out pleasure, and the US hotel chains are some of the most lavish and amazing places to be, if you can afford to pay for it. This is why these high class hotels have made such a name for themselves. If you interested in learning about these massive hotel chains then I am sure you will find our today’s article rather helpful. Our researchers have done a great job of finding out and then ranking the 10 largest hotel chains currently operating in the United States. Well, to be honest these hotels will be outside of the reach of most US citizens, at least for a prolonged stay, but we can always indulge in learning about what the rich people do during a vacation and how the spend their time in these luxury hotels. If you have a few minutes to spare, then I highly recommend that you take a look at our article.

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