Whether you like to stay in luxurious hotels, or just want to read about them because of your studies at school, you are going to absolutely love our today’s article. As you can see from the title, that today we will be talking about some of the largest hotel chains in the world. Hotel business is really profitable, but the startup cost and fierce competition are quite the daunting entry restriction to the business. However, that does not keep bold entrepreneurs from entering the industry from time to time, but just like any other business there can only be one leader. In our today’s article we will be exploring all the aspects of this industry and how some hotel chains have gained the upper hand over its competition. From the perspective of a potential customer, this article will allow you to make the best selection if you are planning a holiday, as most of these hotels have their presence in prominent tourist spots. And from the perspective of a student studying hotel management and hospitality industry, you will gain insider information about managing hotel chains. Without further ado, let me point you in the direction of the full article.

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