Let’s put aside troubles and fears for a while, and let’s read about  largest hotel chains in the world, published by Insider Monkey recently. Do you also like traveling? Do you also enjoy staying a great hotel where you are well-served? Although the pandemic has stricken the world, the cure is so close now, that we can daydream about continuing our life the way as we led before.

As for me, I haven’t traveled as much as I have always wanted to, but I do hope, one day I can pack up my suitcase and call a taxi to the nearest airport. I love getting to know other nations, their culture, language and customs. I pretty enjoy spending my days with walking around in a foreign city and getting involved conversations with people about different topics, even about weather. If you also love traveling, keep up reading.

Now, let’s quit the chit chat, and see what we are here for – the largest hotels. Herewith we have picked up three hotels from Insider Monkey’s list. On the ninth spot, Home Inn (NASDAQ:HMIN) with an incredible number of rooms across all hotels: there are 414,952. It’s a China-based budget hotel, actually the largest one inland. Home Inn is followed by Choice Hotels International (NYSE:CHH) with 600,000 rooms across all hotels in more than 7,100 properties in 41 countries! What’s more, this American company is planning to purchase at least 1,000 more properties with around 85,000 rooms. No wonder, Choice Hotels gained more than $1 billion in revenue in the year of 2019. InterContinental Hotels Group is always in the top three, and actually, here it got the third spot with 889,582 rooms across all hotels. InterContinental is based in Buckinghamshire, England and is the largest European hotel chain with more than 5,900 locations all over the world. The group comprises several large brands as well, such as InterContinental, Crowne Plaza and Regent Hotels. As of 2019 it had more than $4.6 billion of revenue, although the the pandemic hit the group too. The hotel chain has more than 37,000 employees worldwide. If you want to know more about this topic, please jump to the list of the largest hotel chains in the world.


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