Factors that are working behind the real estate growth involve rapid urbanization as well as urban construction; increased investments towards the business of real estate, upsurge in corporate outsourcing; technological advancement; the necessity to build a highly sustainable living environment and to adopt effective and immediate measures for overcoming changes in climate. The “new normal” will need some time to progress, yet it is promising better opportunities for the real estate sector. USA was the biggest real estate market in 2019 with $3.41 trillion of the market size in 2019 followed by China, the UK, and Japan. All over the Coronavirus pandemic, the particular residential sector has developed its position for stable and resilient cash flows. This article is based on a Yahoo post shared by Insider Monkey in which they highlighted some interesting facts as given below:

“The global value of the real estate industry was rated at $6.9 trillion in 2018 and is expected to reach $8.7 trillion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.8% from 2019 to 2026. COVID-19 pandemic has had a sudden impact on all aspects of people’s lives. The government-mandated lockdowns have directly impacted commercial real estate as offices and retail stores have closed down yet gave way to boost the tech and e-commerce industries during the pandemic.”

Let’s start our list of 10 Largest Real Estate Companies in accordance with the post shared by Insider Monkey. The first company is Lundbergs AB which is a real estate tycoon based in Stockholm and is working as the parent company for other real estate leasing enterprises. The firm is also offering securities and equity trading as well as paper manufacturing and forestry. The sector of real estate comprised of around 1 million square meters of leasable land across 132 different properties. The leasable area comprises of residential units of 50% while remaining premises include commercial land involving retail and office space along with gyms, warehouses, educational facilities, industrial premises, and film theaters. 

The next company on the list is AvalonBay Communities which is involved in the acquisition, development, ownership, and running of multi-family societies. The company in 2020 held or owned the indirect and direct ownership stake in approximately 294 commercial properties involving 86,676 apartments in 11 states particularly Southern and Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Mid-Atlantic, New Jersey, New York, District of Columbia, and New England. There are many others on the list, which you can directly read at 15 Biggest Real Estate Companies in the World.

10 Largest Real Estate Companies