Cellphones or mobile phones revolutionized the telecom industry. Just a couple of decades back, making a simple phone call was quite bothersome compared to today. But, thanks to huge advancements in technology, the industry has come a very long way. The world has literally shrunk down to the size of the palm of your hand nowadays. No wonder that telecom companies around the world are doing so good in terms of revenue. Another major reason to the huge success of telecom companies is the entry restriction imposed by the insane amount startup cost. Yes, starting up a telecom business is immensely expensive, and the infrastructure needed to support a market is very financially demanding. This is why, there are not many telecom companies operating in the world, despite this field of business being one of the most profitable to date. As the name of the article suggests, to day we will try to identify 10 telecom companies that are making the most revenue in the world. If you are interested in learning about this field of business, then this article will be very helpful to you. The article is masterfully written and packed with useful information about the industry.

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