10 Least Obese Countries in the World


Obesity is a very real problem, especially in the developed countries. Being overweight is one thing, but being obese is a completely different problem altogether. BMI or body mass index is a good measure of keeping track of your weight. If you are slightly over the mark according to your BMI, then you are fine. We are not talking about people who are over weight here, rather we are talking about obesity. Obesity can cause serious health related problems and even death. Today, we will share with you the least obese countries in the world. Unfortunately, the United States is not one of them, in fact if we made a list of countries where obesity was a major problem, the United States might find itself in that list. Again, we are not talking about the social stigma associated with obesity, we are talking about obesity as a health related problem. Obesity stems from unhealthy eating habits and also from lack of exercise. Technology has made our lives much easier, but overuse of technology can definitely deteriorate our health condition as well. However, the countries that made the list have shown how to keep fit and lead a healthy life.

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