10 Least Obese Countries in the World


Being fitness concern is something everyone should get into. I mean, being a fitness freak is something else, but being conscious about managing your weight is nothing like that. The most important thing is, it is not about looking good. Of course, a fit person looks much better than an obese person. Please do not get me wrong, I am not judging or anything, I am not trying to be mean here, it is just a fact and I am merely stating it. Now that aside, obesity will cause a multitude of physical problems. Our bodies are not designed to bear the burden of the extra weight we put on, so our bodies under go much more wear and tear that way thus do not properly function. The United States of America is one of the most obese countries to say the least, which is obviously less than ideal. In our today’s list we will take a look at countries that are not just fit, but are leading the world in keeping healthy. Pretty much everyone in these countries are conscious about their health, and their calorie intake. It is definitely a positive trait to have.

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