10 Lightweight Cell Phones in the World


What set the cell phones apart from the other conventional phones was its mobility. No, I am not talking only about the smartphones in particular, mobile phones before things got smart were portable devices. Which was a great thing back in the day. And now, phones are not only portable, but they are smart as well. Despite being portable they definitely pack a serious process under the hood. When the first cell phones emerged, the ideas was not to have a computer on the go but a simple phone. The earlier cell phone models were portable, but rather bulky, and most of the time it had to be left in the vehicle. But developers soon stepped in with models that were portable enough to be carried in one’s pocket with ease. Before the smartphone era, it was all about, how compact and how light weight a cell phone could become. However the smartphones changed everything, now things are about how big and crisp the display of a smartphone can be, and how powerful a processor can it pack.

We hardly ever take into account how much a smartphone weighs when we make the purchase decision now a days. However, the longer you carry something around the apparent its weight becomes, since the smartphones are meant to be carried around weight should be a criterion that we consider while making the purchase.

If you are, wonder about the smartphone manufacturers who have considered this and presented us with their light weight products then please head over to insider monkey’s blog page for reading the full article on 10 Lightweight Cell Phones in the World.