The great advancements in information technology not only revolutionized world economy and scope of business, but it also had a huge impact on individuals, and how they perform social interactions. The breakthroughs of the internet has redefined how we interact socially and also how our community can react to us. This digitized interaction among people can be attributed to the social media websites that are dominating the internet traffic. Social media sites like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram allows us the ability to connect with long lost friends, and we can also make a statement on our social media page that will be accessible to everyone in the world, if we so desire.

All of this sounds fun and interesting, but there is a catch. Without proper caution, social media sites can easily turn our private lives not so private anymore. And people even though are aware of this, sometimes do make mistakes over a social media website that cause them great personal grief. So, I think it is really necessary to learn about these mistakes in order to avoid them.

We have come up with a list of 10 Mistakes on Social Media that Can Harm You and Will Probably Get You Canned. Knowing about these will certainly make you conscious about the consequences of such activities and hopefully you can caution restraint in order to avoid any unwanted circumstance.