10 Most Advanced Countries in Africa


We are living in the midst of technological revolution. With the United States at the forefront, pretty much every other nation is developing their technological capabilities. European and Asian nations are closely trailing the North American nations in terms of technology. However, when it comes to African nations, things look pretty backward. Most African nations are heavily lagging behind in the field of technology and are heavily reliant on the acquisition of technology from aforementioned countries. But, if we think that every single African nation falls into the same category, then we would be very wrong. In fact, many African nations have taken major steps in changing this situation. And are acting as pioneers in this field in their continent. I am very glad to point out, that currently the continent of Africa is going through the biggest ever infrastructural boom in history, and in relation, we can definitely expect a giant leap in the field of technology from the continent as well. As you will find out, when you go through the full article. We have used HDI (Human Development Index) to rank the African countries according to their scores. But to learn more, you have to go through the full article.

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