10 Most Advanced Countries in Agriculture


As human civilization progresses forward, many things change or transform into something new and unique. Things that we took for granted for so long just do seem to exist overnight. Well, agriculture is no different, it is true that agriculture is one of the earliest occupation of humankind, but still even to this time and age, most of the human race is somehow earning the bread through agriculture. Of course in developed countries, other sectors have taken center stage as top revenue earning fields, but in many parts of the world you can still find entire agro based countries. That being said, agriculture is not the same in a traditional sense anymore. Agriculture has been transformed in many ways with the help of modern technology. Things like genetically modified food, high yield fertilizers things like this have made it possible for farmers to produce enough food for the ever growing population of the world. From the looks of it, it will be many years before agriculture is completely replaced by some wonder of biotechnology, and we will be able to produce synthetic food. Today we will be talking about countries that are quite advanced in the field of agriculture.

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