10 Most Advanced Countries in Information Technology


We are living in the age of information technology. Yes, the transition from the atomic age to the age of information technology has been made as the internet became available for us to use. How powerful a piece of information can be is quite apparent in today’s world. Many things have changed and are changing after the dawn of information technology. Today, anyone who has access to a mere smartphone can connect to the entire world with just by a click of a button. The internet has opened many new avenues for performing even the simplest of everyday activities. And we are taking advantage of such facilities to the fullest. Just look at the way we socially interact with each other, most of our social interactions nowadays take place on some sort of social networking websites. Also, another commonly used feature of information technology is online shopping, there is a thriving industry that is being supported by electronic transactions. Well, as with most things, every country is racing to achieve supremacy in this field as well. However, not every country in the world is not on the same page regarding information technology.

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