10 Most Advanced Countries in Science


Our mastery over the elements and every other species on the planet has been achieved only because we possess and practice science. Undoubtedly, we have established ourselves as the single most dominant species in the world. But, it did not happen overnight, and it took some of the world greatest thinkers to achieve it. Our modern lifestyle is completely dependent on gadgets and modern technology. Thanks to science, and its groundbreaking innovations, we do not only sustain life, but we are also progressing as a species towards the future at a rapid pace. Science is a blessing that we must continue to nurture, if we are to conquer the universe as a species. However, not every nation on the face of the planet is equally advanced in the field of science and technology. And there are several reasons for that, but we will not be going into detail about that for that is another topic entirely. Today we will be taking a look at countries that are that are practically leading the world in the field of science and technology.

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