10 Most Common Snakes in America


Just thinking about the creepy slithering beasts gives me the creeps!. However, this reaction is certainly not justified. In reality snakes are equally afraid of us, and will definitely avoid contact with us whenever possible. This type of unjust reaction that the snakes induce among us has cost them a great deal. On many occasions, snakes are killed for no reason other than the fear of them. Anyway, let’s not dwell too long in doom and gloom. Today, we will talk about the most common snakes in America. When it comes to snakes, America has its fair share and I do not mean the United States alone. I mean, the entire continent of America combined. Some or venomous and some are nonvenomous. When it comes to North American snakes, the rattle snake comes to mind in an instant. Its flesh melting venom and distinct rattle sound that it makes is really terrifying. If you are interested in these fascinating creatures, then you will certainly love our today’s article. If you love hiking, then the knowledge the article holds could really come in handy. I mean, since we are talking about the most common snakes in America, if you are hiking and you spot a snake, it will likely be on our list and that will enable you to identify it.

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