10 Most Competitive Medical Fellowships in America


In order to make Match Day your lucky day, you simply have to read about 10 most competitive medical fellowships in America!

How competitive are medical specialties? To say very much would be an understatement. That’s why you should read about 10 most competitive medical fellowships in America right now and make your decision. The time is running out and the Match Day is just around the corner. Sometimes studying hard isn’t enough. You must make good decisions timely!

Why do we recommend this article? Well, not only are you going to find out which medical fellowships are the hardest to get into, but it will probably satisfy your inquisitive nature by telling you the answers to questions such as: What fellowships are available after internal medicine? How many years is nephrology fellowship? What are internal medicine fellowships salaries? Which salary would be ideal to have if you wish to have the best lifestyle during your internship? and many others.

Insider Monkey’s article is meant for both newly enrolled medical students and those that are contemplating their future fellowships. That’s why you will find out how many years does it take to make your dream career come true – you’ll know how many years of internship and fellowship are required for certain professions. As for the methodology, they combined two factors. First, they checked which fellowships are the most wanted. Next, they did research on the salaries you could be earning once your studying and training is (finally) over. As well as that, you will see the trends in salaries, i.e. which professions have experienced a rise in salaries compared to the previous year.

Even if you are feeling scared about this much competition, don’t you worry. The article will also tell you something about the least competitve options.

All in all,reading  10 most competitive medical fellowships in America will provide you with the most valuable information for your future. It’s an absolute must read!