10 Most Competitive Residency Programs in US


I would like to begin this article by congratulating all those wonderful people who have chosen to become a doctor. We just cannot have enough of them, and I do not say it in a sarcastic manner. It is true that God heals those who are suffering, but God does it through the doctors, in other words, doctors carry out the Gods will. For a passionate and sympathetic person, becoming a doctor is the perfect profession. Helping others through difficult times is the source of great happiness and along with that, being a doctor can also be very rewarding in monetary terms as well. However, there are several fields of specializations that a doctor can choose from. And for a medical student, applying for residency program and to then get the matching results is very important. Even though it is true that a residency program might not be the true medical experience for a med school graduate, but it is indeed the start of a medical career. And you absolutely want to make the most out of it. Like any academic field of profession, good GPA and MCAT scores are necessary to get into the most competitive residency programs.

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