10 Most Controversial Songs of 2018


You really thought nothing could shock you any more? Well, it seems some governments are still able to feel outraged to some lyrics and ban them for good! And it’s not about some poorly developed countries. Take a look at 10 most controversial songs of 2018 and see for yourself.

Freedom of speech is one of the basic human rights, and the freedom to sing is its equivalent. Everyone should be able to express their feelings. Why should it be forbidden to speak your mind openly? What is more, lyrics are a form of art. Banning them mostly means the government has a different taste in music than its citizens. Interestingly enough, the discrepancy wouldn’t exist if those controversial songs didn’t actually appeal to people! No one would pay attention to them if the songs couldn’t find their way to the audience and their hearts or minds. Obviously, they are worth listening to and their debatable value is widely recognized.

While some songs from Insider Monkey’s list will leave you feeling just a bit awkward (the videos are included), others will have you baffled. What is wrong with the lyrics? Nothing! However, in certain countries singing about brands is strictly forbidden. No “Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang” there (which may not be so bad, after all). People aren’t encouraged to shop to feel better (at least not by songs). Also, some lyrics are causing homophobia, while the others are said to inspire terrorism! By the way, if you’re thinking only rappers are famous for inappropriate lyrics, you couldn’t be more wrong. Most of these are pop songs.

Why don’t you go to 10 most controversial songs of 2018  and make your own decision? Let’s see if you’re easily shocked, too. Perhaps more than you know.