10 Most Corrupt Countries in The World in 2015


There is an old saying that “life is unfair”. I am sure most people will agree with this statement. However, this statement just takes on a new meaning if you are living in one of the countries that made into this list of infamy. Yes, by default life is rather unfair to most people, not imagine what happens when corruption takes hold of the community you live in. I am sure, it will be quite difficult to comprehend for the people of developed countries, just how dire the situation is for the people living in the corruption ridden countries. Corruption is very hard to get rid of, once it takes hold, it hardly ever lets go. Corruption spawns more corruption and corrupted people. It is like a vicious never ending cycle. Few corrupted people hold an entire country to ransom. However, one thing is common across the entire list is extreme poverty. Almost all of the countries mentioned in the list is suffering from all sorts of turmoil, war, famine, poverty, political unrest, and the corrupted but influential people of said countries are not doing anything to resolve the issues, so that they can perpetuate their reign of corruption and satisfy their personal needs.

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