So what are the top most dangerous cities in the U.S? You will get to know if you follow us, since we have brought Insider Monkey’s latest article regarding to the risky cities across the United States.

Either you consider moving to another city or you are just planning to travel across America – you should be aware of the dangerous cities. This year has carried lots of troubles so far, and the biggest of them is the pandemic. In the first third of the year we had to spend under self-isolation, and many of our plans ended in smoke. We may have planned to spread with our companies, or have a fantastic holiday somewhere nice and exciting, or just may have wanted to visit our relatives in the countryside. Whatever we intended to do, we had to postpone it. But what the worst was to see so many deaths, grief and coffins. Industries stoppped operating and millions of people lost their jobs.

If it’s not enough, big cities have to cope with crimes and criminals, as well. Danger can have many faces, from pickpockets, via burglaries, arsons to murders. Therefore, if you have to or want to move to another city, there are several necessary aspects you really need to consider, such as public order, costs of living, medical institutes, cultural places and many other. Among the important ones, there is the public order that is absolutely not a negligable aspect. As most of us like crime stories on TV, or love watching Dr. Bones or FBI series, but in real life we really don’t want to be thrilled.

Therefore, everyone should check the most dangeroues cities in the United States before changing a city. And now let’s take a brief look into Insider Monkey’s list. At first here’s Wichita on the eighth spot with its rate of violent crimes per 100,000- 781.2. Then here comes Lubbock on the fifth spot with a rate of violent crimes per 100,000- 838.5. Detroit-Dearborn-Livonia has got the fourth place on the compilation with a rate of violent crimes per 100,000- 984.3. For further edifying information, please click most dangerous cities in the U.S.


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