10 Most Dangerous States for Natural Disasters


It is true that we have become the most dominant species on our planet with our superior intellect and ingenuity. But there are things that we still have not quite gotten a hold of yet. Like the adverse forces of Mother Nature. If you have not experienced a major natural disaster firsthand, you have no idea how terrifying and traumatizing experiencing one such event can be. From time to time, nature unleashes its fury upon us, and we can only watch, as nature with all its might rampages through cities, villages and localities. Wreaking havoc in its wake, killing and destroying everything unlucky enough to be in its path. The best we can do against such forces of nature is make predictions, yes, we are completely helpless when it comes to stopping the even from actually taking place, rather we can make a prediction and evacuate the places where nature might unleash its fury upon. And even today, the predictions care not very accurate, and when it comes to earthquakes, we are totally at the mercy of nature. The technology to accurately predict earthquakes have not yet been developed.

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