10 Most Dishonest Professions in America


Everyone must work in order to pay the bills and make a good living. And what you do for a living, or rather your selection of career, says a lot about your personality. Though it might seem a bit stereotypical, but people have developed sort of preconceived notion regarding some professions and that notion extends to those working in that like to work as well. Yes, it is a bit unfair to say the least. But this is how things are. People perceive some professions to be nobler than others, for example, take a fireman and a lawyer, public opinion would be mostly positive in case of a fireman in comparison to a lawyer. We are not saying that every lawyer’s morality and sense of ethics has been compromised, but we like to perceive lawyers that way. And of course in some cases there is truth in our perceptions. We have dug up relevant information to prove our point from Gallup. This consulting and analysis company deal with a wide range of research topics which they use as leverage when working with large companies. Then we have made a list of professions that are perceived to have dishonest people working.

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