10 Most Diverse Companies In The US


A person’s race can have huge implications, which is definitely very unfortunate as all men and also women have been created equal. Even in this modern age and time, racism is still very much alive and there are some serious organizations out there that support such evil agenda. Thankfully, most people believe that a person’s skin color is just that a color and it implies nothing else about the person. We at insider monkey do strongly subscribe to that notion and we as an organization are quite diverse. As you can see from the title that our today’s topic is about the diverse companies in the United States. Of course by diversity we mean racial diversity. Even though, the civil war should have settled all the racial disputes but unfortunately we can see racial hate crimes take place even to this day. Well, the companies that made our list certainly do not support such mentality and is moving forward for that. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, then I highly recommend that you take a good look at this article. I am sure you will enjoy reading through it.

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