10 Most Evil Companies in The US


Can companies be evil? Of course I do not mean in a religious sense, I mean a company cannot be the work of the devil can it? But a there are a lot of ways a company can fall out of favor of the customers. There could be malpractice, bad products, bad customer service and many things working against a company that could lead to its destruction. In most cases, the reason behind a company’s downfall is not accidental, rather some flaw in the policy making somewhere up their in the hierarchy. Companies operate and turn in a profit each year by doing business, and they should put all their efforts in towards pleasing the customers. If the customers are not happy with a company, it cannot survive in the harsh world of free market economy. For one reason or another the companies we are going to talk about today have fallen from the favor of the customers and are paying dearly for that. Whether these companies are evil or not are open to interpretation, and I leave that bit to you. If you want some quality infotainment to go through while you are here, then I highly recommend that you take a look at our article.

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