Alcoholic beverages have become an integral part of modern human societiy. The most commonly consumed alcoholic drinks in a given community can imply a lot of things about the given community. In fact alcoholic beverages have very high anthropological significance. Archeologists have implied that the consumption and production of alcohol can be traced back in the earliest human civilization. They speculate that beer was perhaps the first prepared beverage, thus alcohol consumption can be presumed to be as old as the time when humans first discovered the techniques of agriculture. But things have certainly changed quite a lot today, we no longer have to stick to beer as the only alcoholic beverage. The distillation technique totally revolutionized the alcohol industry and gave us many unique drinks to quench our thirst with. Given that beer is certainly one of the cheapest and prolific alcoholic beverages out there, but our today’s topic takes us away from it. We wish to discuss about some of the most extravagant and expensive alcoholic beverages of today. If you fancy expensive drinks, then fasten your seatbelts, because we are about to plunge into the very depths of exquisite alcoholic beverages ever produced.

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