10 Most Expensive Bottled Water Brands in the World


Bottled water business is booming right now. Healthy living is essential to prolong our lives and to maximize our energy output. One essential part of healthy living is to eat and drink healthy. At your home, you can always rely on your water reserve for healthy and clean drinking water, but many city dwellers these days spend a large portion of the day on the move or en-route. During this period it is essential to keep hydrated and this is where these bottled water brands come in. Depending on your preference of bottled water brands, you can end up spending about a dollar to an absolute fortune on a single serving of bottled water. Of course, for day to day hydration, you will not spend thousands of dollars on a single bottle, but the fact that such bottles exists is quite astonishing. Our researchers have taken a look at some of the most expensive bottled water brands, and put together a rather interesting article where the prices range from quite reasonable to absolutely ridiculous. If you have a few minutes to spare, then I am sure you will enjoy going through the article.

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