10 Most Expensive Chinese Artists in 2015


Chinese art has made a prominent position in the world. China is one of the few nations that has a very long tradition of artistry which is believed to be uninfluenced by western cultures. And this gives the Chinese arts its unique appeal. Today we will be taking a look at the successful Chinese artists and their works of art for this year.

The earliest forms of Chinese art are considered to be  made from terracotta and jade in the neolithic period. To this bronze was added during the Shang Dynasty, and the innovations continue throughout the ages to bring the Chinese art where it stands today. In other words China has a long and glorious history of masterful craftsmanship and arts.

Peoples longing for aesthetic beauty is the reason why the arts exist today, and still this insatiable longing drives us towards beautiful things. It is fascinating to explore how other cultures pursued this insatiable thirst for beauty. That is what makes the Chinese arts so important, because of its five thousand year history it has not been influenced by any other culture. If you are an art enthusiast, then the article I am about to link here will excite you quite a bit. Please head over to insider monkey’s blog page to read about the 10 Most Expensive Chinese Artists in 2015. The article will tell you about the artists and also their world famous works in recent years.