10 Most Expensive Cigars In the World


Smoking is perhaps the most common form of substance  addiction. Some like to refer to it as a hobby of sorts, but in truth it is an addiction and cause serious harm to health. That being said, I am a smoker and I think an adult,  can do whatever that pleases him / her as long as it does not compromise the safety or well being of others. Smoking is enjoyed by many around the world, however, some countries restrict its sales to minors just like alcohol. And that is perfectly understandable, but most smokers smoke cigarettes, which in comparison to cigars are much cheaper and more prolific. And it should be mentioned here that cigarettes are relatively new, but the cigars have been around for a long while. The origin of tobacco smoking is highly debatable. Though it is generally believed that the Mayan people were first to make cigars out of dried tobacco leaves.

Cigars are often considered as the symbol of power and wealth. Since making a hobby of smoking cigars on a regular basis is not a viable option for a person with average income. However, there are cigars that can put a dent in a wallet of any description and size. On the insider Monkeys blog page, we have come up with a list of 10 Most Expensive Cigars In the World. Please click on the link to read the full article.