10 Most Expensive Cities To Live in France


France, the jewel of Europe. Many people around the world dream of retiring to France, and for very good reasons. France offers the near perfect blend of the old world sensibility and the wonders of the modern digital world all wrapped in one neat package. But before you start building your dream chateau, you must realize that most people who get to realize their dream of retiring to France do not get it for cheap. Yes, France is can be a very expensive place to live in. And if you do not plan properly, you are bound to face financial trouble. Unless you are capable and also willing to fork out obscene amounts of money, you better not look at France for your retirement destination. As you will understand, when you go through the full article that elaborates upon the subject further. In this little intro, I am unable to provide you with further details, but I can and will point you in the right direction, from where you can read about everything that you need to know about the cost of living around France’s most expensive cities.

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