This article is going to be very useful to you if you are considering moving to Europe after you retire or in general you like to travel a lot to Europe. You are probably aware of the current trend that many Americans are actually retiring to the different countries and there are several good reasons behind this trend, but we will not talk about those in this article. Let’s just get straight into the topic at hand. So, whether you are planning to move to Germany after you retire, or you just seem to travel a lot there, then you ought to know about the most cities in Germany at present. Not only you can anticipate your budget more precisely, but you can also avoid some really nasty surprises along the way. There is nothing more off putting than going to a country and running low on funds to have a really good time there. However, when it comes to the highest cost of living around the world, Germany is not the most expensive country to live in, but that does not apply to the whole of Germany certainly. As you will learn as you go through the full article.

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