10 Most Expensive Computers In the World


In today’s high tech world, technology is ever changing and there is always a better, more powerful gadget that we want to get our hands on. The first computer was developed in 1948 which literally filled multiple rooms, it took several hours to process the most simplest of problems. Engineers not only made the computer much faster they have shrunk it enough to fit in the palm of our hand. As with the development of any technology, our scientists and engineers refuse to stop there, they are still trying to improve the computer and expand its capabilities.

The most common form of computer that we use today, are our handheld smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. The processing power of these devices is nothing short of amazing compared to earlier generations of computers. But
there are others, machines which are thousands of times more powerful that what we use on a daily basis. They are called super computers, scientists all around the world are trying to develop faster and better computers. The research and development cost of such a machines is staggering.

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