10 Most Expensive Countries to Buy and Own a Car in the World


We find it rather hard to appreciate the things we take for granted. Let’s take the cars for example, owning a personal transport is quite easy, in some countries. Unless of course it is something exotic, and sporty. Then things can really get expensive everywhere. However, let’s stick to regular personal vehicles, like SUVs and sedans. Generally they do not cost much to purchase and to maintain. However, there are countries out there where owning a personal transport is very expensive. In some countries, even a family car can end up costing more than a sports model, if compared to the United States. Many variables are at play here, even though we talk about globalization, but the concept has not yet been realized yet. The hike in car prices can be largely attributed to high tax rates, and government policies limiting the import of foreign manufactured vehicles into the country. Also embargos imposed on some countries can lead to the hike in price as well.

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