10 Most Expensive Countries to Buy Beer and Alcohol in the World


Beer is perhaps the most common alcoholic beverage there is. According to scientific studies beer supplements the body with vitamin D and also prevents bone decay. But no one pops a bottle of beer thinking he/she is making a healthy life choice, but to have a good drink. Beer goes well with many occasions and whenever there is no occasion beer can still be a good choice for a drink. Also beer can be very cheap to have in many parts of the world compared other alcoholic drinks. However, there are places where having a beer can cost you quite a bit. Beer prices like any other commodity varies from country to country. These variations can happen because of many factors, such as demand, availability of raw materials, cost of production, the location you are buying from et Cetra.

If you are a beer enthusiast, who happen to travel abroad, then the article I am linking here is for you. The article lists the 10 Most Expensive Countries to Buy Beer and Alcohol in the World. Countries with a higher cost of living usually have high commodity prices as well, so the list will come to you as no surprise. Hopefully you will find the article interesting.