10 Most Expensive Countries to Buy Cigarettes in the World


Smoking is perhaps the most well received substance addiction in the world. Even though smoking has a lot of adverse effect on one’s health, but in many countries across the world, there are no laws stopping individuals from smoking freely. I believe as long my habits do not pose a threat to others around me, I have the right to do whatever I so please. I am a smoker myself and I sure do hope I could quit, but not because of some law, because I want to.

Well lets not veer off topic here, as a smoker with a fixed income I have to plan my expenses carefully and accommodate for my smoking habit. Thankfully where I hail from, cigarette prices are still reasonable. But there are certainly some countries out there, where it could very well become a smokers hell. The countries I am talking about can charge up to 10 times more for a cigarette than one normally would expect. Of course the countries imposing taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products have their reasons, but, still forcing no smoking policy like this cannot be the proper solution.

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