10 Most Expensive Cruise Ships Ever Built


Back in the age of sail, massive sea going wooden vessels was the only means of long distance travel. And to say the least, luxury was the least of all the concerns when these ships had been designed. Anyone with motion sickness would suffer terribly whilst on one such vessel. And apart from that, these ships were rather prone to accidents, and did not react to bad weather well. And the long distance trips took months upon months to complete. Just imagine yourself on one such vessel, stranded at sea for an indefinite amount of time. No wonder, as soon as commercial flights became an option, travelling long distances onboard ships became obsolete overnight. But, cruise ships are still made, but for a complete different purpose. The modern cruise ships are chock full of luxury and conveniences. Going on a trip on board such vessels are a delightful experience, and such trips are all about the journey, and not the destination. Unsurprisingly, it costs an absolute fortune to book one such trip, as the travelers get to experience all the comfort they can imagine onboard these extremely expensive vessels.

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