10 Most Expensive Currencies in Africa


Africa is by far the poorest continent on the planet. It is also least developed compared to other developing regions of the world today. Up to the sixteenth century, the precolonial era, the concept of a uniform currency was far from reality in Africa. Back in those days currencies in Africa encompassed gold dust to cattle, anything of value that could be used in a barter. Only in the seventeenth century, when the colonial powers introduced their own currencies, Africa actually started relying on uniform currencies. However, there are few African countries with great potential.

A country’s economic strength is an indicator of its potential. If we look at the currencies of some of the African countries we can clearly see their future potential. Even though most of Africa is still terrifyingly underdeveloped, those few that have emerged out of it can eventually go all the way. It is rather interesting to read about these countries and their struggle. Perhaps in the near future more and more African nations will follow the footsteps of the successful countries and make a name for themselves. For the time being, let us take a look at the 10 Most Expensive Currencies in Africa. Please click on the link to visit insider monkey’s blog page for further reading on the subject.