10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures in USA


Doctors, medical procedures are things most of us would like to avoid. However, not all of us will be able to do that. Sometimes it becomes the only way to deal with the medical problems and resume our normal lives. Being under the knife, even though of a well reputed and trained medical professional has to be a scary experience. And some medical procedures can cost a significant amount of money too. It should not be any secret to you, how expensive health care is in America. Compared to other developed countries health care in the United States can cost up to ten times more. To further illustrate my point if we take the rate of a regular doctor checkup or a CT scan, it is almost five times higher than that of in Canada. Unlike other developed nations in America, health care is a for profit business. In other developed countries, health care regulated, controlled and paid for from taxes. In America, twenty cent  for per dollar spent on health care goes to marketing, promotion and advertising and not for care.

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