Unlike other animals we humans are not that reliant on our sense of smell when it comes to gathering information about our surroundings. We tend to rely more on our ability to see. However, our smell receptors are strong enough to let us know about smell of things that are in close proximity to us. And has given rise to our desire to smell nice to other people. Though we have been utilizing whatever nature had to offer in terms of fragrances and perfumes to make our living spaces and even ourselves smell better. But before the1800s we did not possess the technology to create perfumes as we know them today.

Perfume is generally worn just to smell attractive, however, men tend to sweat 50% more than women so in some cases to be presentable men should wear a bit of perfume in order to mask the stench of sweat. It is also said that unlike men, women are more attracted to the opposite sex depending on how the smell, whereas men rely more on visual appeal. So, to be attractive, it is also important for men to wear a good perfume.

Producing perfume is as much science as much it is a form of art. Also perfume making is an ever evolving practice, and some perfumes cost quite a lot of money. If you are interested to know more on this topic please click the link to 10 Most Expensive Men’s Perfumes in the World, to read more on this topic.