10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits in the World


When it comes to formal apparels, I think women have the advantage, they have a wide array of dresses to pick from. On the other hand men hardly have a few options, and without a doubt the suit is the most popular of them all. And quite rightly so, a well tailored suit can really take it up a notch for anybody. The suit highlights the masculinity and also humility of a person, giving him a strong yet humble appearance. The history of the suit as we know it, is not that long. It was in the late 19th century that the suit as we know it came to be. Before that period men and women both wore embroidered and jewelled formal clothing. That being said, in this time and age, women’s clothing get pretty much all the attention in any given formal event. However, that does not necessarily mean that men’s suit is cheaper in comparison. There are brands and designers out there, if you were to buy a suit from them you literally have to pay more than a shiny new car or even a condo. As I mentioned earlier, if you have not heard about such suits, that’s because they just don’t get the attention these days.

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