10 Most Expensive Mercedes in the World


Cars are something that we cannot leave without. Our society is much reliant on cars. Trade, business, commute or even day to day chores require some use of cars. Even though, the carbon emission from the cars has been marked as one of the major reasons from the greenhouse effect, but their use is far from going into a decline, in fact it is quite opposite. The thing is, though we want to, but we cannot expel the cars from our society just it. It will send us right back to the medieval times, if god forbid that happens. Some scientists and car manufacturers are proposing e-cars or electronic cars, but it only means that we are merely shifting the carbon emission from our vehicle to a factory chimney somewhere, because most countries still mostly use fossil fuel to generate electricity. Enough about the mundane facts about the cars, lets talk about the car’s fun side. Cars have become a passion for those who can afford it. There are brands that make extravagant and luxurious speedsters that would make you feel like you are behind the wheel of a formula one vehicle. One such world famous brand is the Mercedes.

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