10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands in The World


Everyone is aware of the fairy tale of Cinderella I presume. How important shoes are as a fashion accessory can easily be seen in the pages of Cinderella. Also another pair from the fairy tales comes to mind, the ruby slippers of Dorothy from The wizard of Oz story. Shoes hold a special place in our attire that is an established fact. However, most of us will never be able to fancy buying a designer footwear because of their ridiculously expensive price tags. If you are aware of shoes like the MTV Cribs or any other reality TV shows that are based on celebrities or rich people you will know that they spend more than what most of us make in year, on a single pair of designer shoes. And some people even have managed to hoard hundreds of pairs of expensive shoes. However, keeping in mind the overwhelming number of mid-range earners some designer brands are now offering shoes that are within the reach of most of us. Still, they are much expensive than a random shoe brand, but in the end you get to wear a designer footwear.

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