10 Most Expensive Whiskeys in the World


Many would agree if I say that the best way one can end the day is by sipping on a glass of whiskey. It has the strong taste that will gear you up for the worries of the world tomorrow and at the same time it has the relaxing effect to give you the sound sleep you need. Like other alcoholic beverages whiskey is produced from fermented grain, but what is unique about whiskey is that it is aged in wood, whiskey does not age in the bottle also whiskey is a spirit, by definition spirit is any alcoholic beverage, in which the alcohol content has been increased by the process of distillation, giving it a distinct strong taste. Because of the complex distillation process, whiskey did not exist in the ancient times. Only after mastering the technique of distillation, which is boiling an alcoholic beverage by heating it and then collecting and condensing it, producing whiskey was possible.

Today we know and love whisky as the drink to resort for relaxation. When it comes to price of the whiskey, it is really not that expensive. Well its not as budget friendly as a bottle of beer, but it most certainly not going to break it either. However, there are some premium and exclusive brands that are priced exceptionally high.

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