The history of humanity compared to the history of Earth is not that long. It has hardly been a couple of thousand years since the first human civilizations emerged. However, within this short (comparatively) time, we have established ourselves at the top of the food chain. Today we invite you to take a journey through time with us, as we explore some of the most mysterious artifacts from the ancient world, which are still puzzling to our experts in more ways than one. Some of these artifacts are behind the formation of many conspiracy theories. So, if you happen to be a conspiracy theory enthusiast, or just wish to learn about the ancient world in general, you are going to enjoy the following article very much, that I can guarantee. The list includes artifacts like “The Baghdad Battery” an ancient battery of sorts, that just baffles archeologists as they struggle to find reasons for which this might have been used. I mean the battery predates the discovery of electricity by a couple of millennia. And the list is full of such artifacts.

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