We are absolutely sure that you, dear reader is not involved in obesity, but yet we must speak about the most obese countries in the world. Scientists and medical experts concern about obesity with growing anxiety, as more and more people are getting to suffer from it annually. It has many reasons, so we’d like to name only a few of them. One of the reasons is poverty. When people struggle to make ends meet from only a little money, they can’t buy all the good quality meals their body would need. Therefore they purchase cheap foods with high carbohydrate-, but low valuable nutrients level. For instance in the United States junk food restaurants offer extremely low prices for their meals, so people eat there who are on the budget. Another reason is sedentary occupation and our modern world. We sit too much, eat too much, shop via internet too much, and drive too much. But we don’t do enough phisycal exercises, we don’t even go for walks. People live in vertical cities, where they go up and down with ecxtremely fast elevators, then drive to their workplaces or sit in the means of public city transport. The third reason we consume too much refined food, and we don’t chew enough. Bad teeth, and not using the teeth enough and regularly mean more and more people suffer from type 2 diabetes.

So what should we do? Eat less, move more, use your teeth, visit your dentist regularly and try to cook healthier meals. Since I have started to cook and bake for myself again, I spend much less money on food, (as I buy only the ingredients), and altogether my daily meals are much healthier and more delicious.

And now let’s see Insider Monkey’s list. Micronesia is on the 10th spot, as its obesity rate is 45.8%. Tonga comes on the 7th place, as it has a frightening statistics of 40% has type 2 diabetes! Tuvalu is on spot 5th with its 51.6% obesity rate. Fore more edifying facts and data, jum to the list of the most obese countries in the world.


I am from Hungary, Europe. I graduated as a theologian, and social pedagogue.