10 Most Popular Beatles Songs of All Time


Well, what I can say about the Beatles that has not been said already. They redefined pop and rock music genres more than once during their reign. But to the surprise of many of us they only made records as the Beatles for mere seven years, and within this short duration of time, they managed to achieve so much that hardly will someone be able to replicate the level of success. During their time, they had been in the center of pop culture revolution that is still resonating to this very day. And all of their albums from their debut 1963’s “Please Please Me” to the last one “Let It Be” are considered to be classics. That is also true for a big chunk of their other tracks as well. So, you can say it has been a tough call when we went about writing the article 10 Most Popular Beatles Songs of All Time. The Beatles are a legend and they have a huge amount of awesome songs, but not every song cannot be the best.

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