10 Most Popular Country Songs of All Time


The thing that makes a great country song, is the story telling. The country songs are honest, easy to grasp observations of life, love, hope, and sorrow, strung together in a beautiful melody that touches your heart firmly. Sometimes, the most honest expressions of emotions is the best thing to do. And country music reminds this to us time and time again. A good country song can add the escape factor to a monotonous life that we all crave and need. It kind of disconnects us from the harsh conditions of life for a short while, which we deserve. Another unique thing about country music is that it appeals to multiple generations and is credible as a form of entertainment to a wider audience, which in case of most modern music genres is not true at all. So you can probably understand how difficult it was making a list out of such popular songs. If you are a fan of the genre, then, I recommend that you stick around for a while, even though it is safe to assume that every fan of country music will recognize the songs on the list, but still it’s worth checking out.

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